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Using Ditto to Decrease the Spread

Zero-touch technology to protect your employees in the age of COVID-19

Up to 80% of all infections are spread by direct hand contact with humans and contaminated surfaces. 

Think about how people in your office will collaborate and converse when they go back to work. How many meetings happen in a day? How many times do people touch shared resources like cables, keyboards and remotes in just one conference room?

Learn how Ditto's zero-touch technology allows for effortless and safe collaboration.

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What People Are Saying About Ditto

Ditto enabled us to offer a simple, streamlined, zero-effort screen-sharing experience with external users.

Mitchell S | Manager of Information Technology

Mitchell S

Setup takes minutes, and installation on whatever device takes seconds. Everything works seamlessly and easily. We’ve never had an issue with anyone not being able to connect.

Christopher O | Senior Associate Consultant

Christopher O

“I would highly recommend Ditto. We solved the cross-platform broadcasting issue. Anyone with any OS can connect and display!

Sean D | Director of Technology Solutions

Sean D